PS show October 2016

It’s curious how your surroundings, other people’s lives, your interactions with your environment, work, people, places, seasons, colours, tastes, smells etc… it’s curious how they can affect what music you listen to and what journeys, small and large, they can take you on.

I seem to have discovered more new music that I have fallen in love with over the past couple of years than I did when I first got into Hip Hop.  Hip Hop/Electro will always be my first love.  I will always love it, but we got divorced in the mid 90s.  Don’t get me wrong, we have since had bundles of break up sex and definitely remarried, then divorced again.

We are currently still living together and having the odd bunk up, but my polygamous relationship  with all this other gorgeous music means I just can’t be a one-music kinda guy… This show reflects that!

See you in November…



Polystylism and Digging4Victory live show 13th October 2016

Thursday 13th October 2016polystylism_twitterD4V_logo


Polystylism Show September 2016

This show should have been broadcast live but unfortunately my broadband speed is terrible and even though I’ve streamed OK in the past, on the night it was shocking, so had to give up!

Anyway, more importantly onto the music..  As usual, more music of my mind, the stuff that I have poured into my ears over the past few months.  All details of the music played is within the commentary of the show itself and I’ll be putting a tracklist in the comments.

Speak soon!


PS Show May 2016 with Deathop


This month we have a special guest 1 hour mix from Disco Scratch, Ageing B Boys Unite! & Polystylism regular Deathop.  A real nice mix featuring almost all tracks I’ve never heard!  This is why we love guest mixes from any of the regular listeners to DS, ABU and anyone from wherever… we get exposed to new material.

There is a flow to this mix, up and down… the pace changes along with the emotion.  There is no commentary in this mix, so just kick back & let the music take you away.  The MP3 is a nice 320kbps/44.1khz/16 bit/stereo so should be nice in your headphones…

Back in effect 2nd week in June as always… thanks for listening…

1.  Krill – Kronen Dab
2.  David Holmes – Gone
3.  Limerence – Geodesic
4.  Black Sand – Black Sand
5.  Boards of Canada – Maquarie Ridge
6.  FSOL – Max
7.  Deadmaus – Bored of Canada
8.  Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up
9.  Four Tet – Fields
10. Floating Points – Silhouettes I
11. Decay – Eternal Opuscule
12. DJ Krush – Missing Link
13. DJ Food – The Sky at Night
14. The The – Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)
15. Adam Peters – The Man Whose Mind Exploded
16. UB40 – King


April 2016… Sorry for the wait

Months have passed somehow… this thing we all hold on to, life that is… seems to be so fragmented, so easily distracted.  I have my flaws, one of them being concentration.  But this flaw is almost a benefit as much as it is a pain in the arse… I get the hump with myself when I leave things for too long, I push everything out the way & no matter what, the focus of my endeavours WILL HAPPEN… and so tonight happened.

It’s not like some monumental long winded thing, to the uninitiated it’ll just look like some bloke did an hour on radio, instantly forgettable… well, due to life pressures I haven’t been able to put a show together for a while, but hey… this is a journey right? One minute we’re all up in it, next we’re in the gutter, metaphorically speaking…. well anyway, If you subscribe to this show don’t lose faith please… just understand that it’s difficult to produce as I have high standards, combined with time restrictions.

So anyway, hope this finds all listeners well… respect, see you on the next one…


PS show September 2015 OST special

I’ve always been a lover of original sound tracks and many of the tracks I have produced have samples from OSTs and also samples lifted straight off the film… I remember many times, much to my dad’s annoyance, setting up my tapedeck in the front room with the phono plugs into his VHS so I could nick bits off films, then loop them up in my Amiga 500..

Well, I decided to go into the OSTs that I love tonight and play you an hour of the scores that have inspired me over a good 37 years… I say that because my intro to the show is in fact from a film, “Snare Liftoff” from Whiplash, a recent film, but the first 2 tracks are from 1977 when I was 5…

I’d love to get your comments about the show and if there are any areas of audio that you would like me to move into, or indeed do a takeover show yourself… as always e-mail me at audio (at) polystylism (dot) co (dot) uk or tweet @polystylism1… see you in October…



PS4 Opening up to synthwave

This show was a chance to let me show you some tracks in the Synthwave style… this is also called “Outrun”, or “new retro wave” amongst other things… so how does a 43 year old bloke, listening to Hip Hop since 1982 suddenly get into something completely different? Well, I’ll try to fill you in.

It’s hard for me to absorb new things… I work all the time, or I’m with family, or doing Disco Scratch… well, I remember it was a perfect storm of opportunity… back in April, for reasons I now forget, I worked a Saturday, came home to an empty house… cracked a brew, had a bath, had some grub, chilled… then what…?

Well, I had a recommendation to watch the film “Drive” from a link that I can’t remember… so on that Saturday afternoon, without kids, chilling out, I fully absorbed that film… I LOVED the soundtrack & started to peel off thel layers of the onion… once I realised there had been a massive retro new wave scene going on for 5 years or more I was like the poor wide eyed kid at Christmas looking into the toy shop window…

So I went on a mission to find out who was doing what and I can honestly say I was more refreshed buy what I found than anything that I could find in any other genre… what followed was a personal nerd fest uncovering artists over the past 5 years that have recreated that classic sound from the early to mid 80s… not sated with that I went back to find what the roots of that sound was and discovered music from even the mid 60s that you can see had an effect on the mid 70s and thereon to the mid 80s… it was mad, I was in a rabbit hole, every track I heard was amazing…

So, I tried to suppress this and only deal with the music I first uncovered for this show… I delve into other genres also so if you are not a synth head then maybe you’ll find some grittier music later on… this show is really personal… baring everything here… hopefully you will appreciate this and maybe go on a musical discovery of your own…

Hit us up on twitter or drop us an e-mail if you may have something to offer, or maybe you have a takeover show… are you a mid 30s to mid 50s B Boy/scratcher/MC/Hip Hop listener who also listens to other music that could bring something to the show? Hit us up….


Latest show June 2015 special guest Death Hop

Regular listeners/chatroom participants will know Death Hop from previous Disco Scratch Radio takeovers.  He said he had a show ready to go for PS, which was aired this past Thursday. Here’s a link to a previous Disco Scratch takeover show he did:

This was really interesting for me as it was the first show that a fellow ‘ip ‘op ‘ed had done for PS.  For those of you who don’t know what the show is all about, it’s a show that lets old schoolers play the music they love when they are not listening to rap… DH’s show was a mellow affair with many tracks that would go down nicely in a “play this only at night” session…

The chatroom was busy with regulars and following the PS show, LG continued the flavour with the Digging 4 Victory show.  Polystylism & Digging 4 Victory can be heard every 2nd Thursday of the month right here and on

We use the Disco Scratch chatroom as essentially, PS is a kind of takeover show & the second hour is a chance for you to check out Digging 4 Victory & discuss it with others rather than just grab it on Mixcloud

Download, streams & tracklist below… thanks to Death Hop for opening our ears to undiscovered music!  If you would like to do a takeover show, basically I need a one hour mix as an MP3 of minimum 44.1khz/16 bit/192kbps/stereo file format sent to audio [at] polystylism [dot] co [dot] uk or Polystylism on Twitter……  The show is for Hip Hoppers who have had over 30 years of Hip Hop poured into their noggins but want to discover what else is out there…

What I tend to find is that when people have had Hip Hop as 90% of their music diet for that amount of time, there are similarities in the other styles of music they like, which appeals to a lot of people and might turn others on to those styles… I’m hoping PS will really turn into something that people regularly look to for inspiration when they want something other than rap…

Tune in next time when I’ll have convinced Jim & Matt to do a show!


PS3 June 2015 Death Hop by Polystylism on Mixcloud



On air tonight Thursday 11th June 2015 PS3

In the mix tonight special guest Deathop… 9 – 11, grab the stream below…

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Straight after Polystylism show, Digging4Victory

LG from Style Warrior has been a busy boy of late, not only doing the T shirts but now launchiing a new show and website.  About a year ago the idea was conceived.  It’s all about unearthing great music, old and new.  Here’s where I first heard of it, in the Disco Scratch forum (now deceased) in his own words…

“I had an idea a few weeks back, originally for a T-Shirt, but now may turn in to something bigger.

Whilst watching the Great British Menu TV show, a chef was making a meal for a War Veteran Dinner and mentioned the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign as inspiration.

I thought that would be a great T-Shirt… mimicking the ‘Dig On for Victory’ image, but with the figure carrying records from a car boot rather than his freshly dug vegetables.

Then I thought it would be a good idea to set a challenge for 2 people to go out to there local digging spots and with a set budget aim to buy a load of records… and then proceed to do a mix with them (a bit like the ‘King of the Beats’ challenge, but a mix rather than a beat). People could vote for a winner maybe?

THEN I thought it would be a good idea to auction off the records as a job lot, and all proceeds would go to charity (The British Legion maybe… linking in with the name).

This is early days and there are lots of ideas I have to make this a little community… probably involving a monthly podcast (maybe on Disco Scratch?)… but would love to hear any opinions at this stage.”

So, this is only the first show and will no doubt evolve over time, and an excellent show it was too!  You can find this show played live on the second Thursday of every month straight after the Polystylism show from 10pm to 11pm.  Please check him out on Mixcloud where you can follow, share, repost etc.

Looking forward to many more shows from Digging4Victory

Digging 4 Victory – Show 1 by Digging4victory on Mixcloud